Founded in 2006, The Lambs exists to create openings for boys to showcase their rugby skills at a representative level when they have been unable to do so due to other commitments or lack of selection opportunities.

The freedom to express talent, unfettered by league results and structured 'coaching', leads to a style of play which excites players, their parents and supporters of the game.

The Lambs was set up to promote traditional rugby values and a 'Corinthian' spirit as our style: this is to play unreserved 'heads up' running rugby in a fast and expansive style, which is player rather than coach-led.


Update regarding The Lambs 2021 season:


You will all be aware of the real challenges taking place in the rugby community at the moment.

The Lambs, along with the rest of the rugby community, had hoped for the opportunity for some rugby activity to occur over this difficult period. However, having spent much time reflecting we do not feel that The Lambs can provide the opportunity this year to provide the 'pink shirt' experience that 14 years of young people have experienced to date.
The Lambs were founded with a key focus on the players coming first and thus we feel that the risks involved in continuing with Lambs activities at this time is too great, even though we are aware how very, very keen players are for a proper competitive experience.
In the light of this we have decided to put a hold on all Lambs activities until the end of March at which time we will review the situation to see if there are opportunities for a programme to be put into place.
Keeping well and keeping safe is our key focus during these difficult times!

However, rest assured that The Lambs will be back delivering the opportunity for players to play 'fast and free' in the traditional pink shirt that so many have coveted.

Wishing you all the best in Rugby.