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In what turned out to be an exhilarating rugby encounter, The Lambs, a touring side, clashed with Tygerberg High School in Cape Town. Right from the outset, the Lambs asserted their dominance on the field, managing to score an early try within the first seven minutes, taking the lead 5-0. The conversion was skilfully added, boosting their lead to 12-0 after just 13 minutes of play.

Tygerberg High School, however, refused to back down and fought back with incredible determination. They managed to break through the Lambs' defence and secured their first try of the match, narrowing the gap to 12-5.

The match quickly became a gripping display of physicality, with both teams pushing themselves to the limit. Tygerberg capitalized on an opportunity and scored another try, levelling the score at 12-12. The tension on the field was palpable as the contest remained evenly poised.

Then, a moment of brilliance came from the Lambs' side as their speedy winger, Will Bagshaw, dashed 50 meters down the pitch, claiming a sensational try. Unfortunately, the conversion was missed, leaving the score at 17-12 in favour of The Lambs.

As the first half came to an end, The Lambs weren't ready to rest on their laurels. Just before halftime, Oscar Ianson added another try to their tally, but the conversion attempt was unsuccessful. At the break, The Lambs led 22-12.

In the second half, The Lambs continued to display their attacking prowess. Mitch Guppy managed to score a try, extending their lead to 27-12, although the conversion went wide.

The visiting team's dominance only grew stronger, and Pierre Garino showcased his skills by scoring another try for The Lambs, which was successfully converted. This pushed their lead to an impressive 34-12.

As the game neared its end, The Lambs' Jo Campbell added the final try of the match, solidifying their victory. The conversion was on point, and the game concluded with The Lambs triumphing with an impressive scoreline of 41-12.

The Lambs' performance was commendable, showcasing their skill and teamwork throughout the game. Congratulations to The Lambs on their well-deserved victory, and kudos to both teams for putting on an entertaining and fiercely contested rugby match.



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