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Press Release

The Lambs are delighted to announce a new partnership with Ealing Trailfinders for the 2019/2020 season. The partnership will see the Trailfinders Sports Club host three of our main events; The Chairman’s Day (Sunday 5th January) and Invitational XV fixtures vs Irish Exiles (Sunday 19th January) and Crawshays’ Welsh (Saturday 8th February).

Ealing Trailfinders not only have a successful Championship team but, perhaps more importantly for us, they also have a strong Academy and a partnership with Brunel University London, alongside strong links with several other clubs. There is of course the bonus that the Trailfinders boast world-class facilities at their home ground.

The Lambs National Director Alex Laybourne said of the partnership:

"We are very excited about this partnership with Ealing Trailfinders, a club who share many of our views and values on the game. Not only is this exciting for those involved during the 2019/20 season, but we believe the partnership can also support those players who represent us with a variety of exciting opportunities and pathways beyond their final year at school”

Ealing Trailfinders’ Director of Rugby Ben Ward is excited by this new partnership:

“It is great to partner with Lambs for the next year. George Whalley and Charlie Dearman who are both members of the Trailfinders Rugby Academy played for Lambs last year, so it shows the strong link that we already have as we aim to create a pathway for our academy."

The Lambs Chairman stated:

“The Lambs are all about opportunities where perhaps opportunities have not been forthcoming in the past. We set up this venture because too many talented rugby players were leaving the game because as much as we love rugby, rugby is not the only factor that must be taken account of in life. Therefore, our priority is to open channels of opportunity when other traditional channels have not been appropriate. Our new partnership with Ealing is another very positive step in that direction.”



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