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Chairman's Day 2024 marked a thrilling event at Oundle School, where the Lambs took centre stage on Sunday, January 21st. The setting was ideal for a display of Fast and Free rugby, creating an atmosphere charged with excitement.

In a season boasting over 300 nominations from over 90 different schools, the three squads engaged in fierce battles, showcasing exceptional skills and providing spectators with memorable contests. The competitive spirit and impressive performances made Chairman's Day a resounding success.

Looking ahead, the national squad eagerly anticipates their upcoming fixtures against Ealing this weekend, with an exciting prospect of a 'Selected XV' taking on Felsted School. National Manager James Vecchio expressed his excitement, stating, "It was incredibly gratifying to witness numerous boys showcasing brilliant 'Heads up Rugby' here at Oundle today, fully embracing the 'fast and free' mentality."

The Lamb's Family extends heartfelt appreciation to all the venues that graciously hosted regional days – Felsted School, Sherborne School, and Sedley RFC. Without your generosity and steadfast support, the program would not have been possible.



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