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Lambs Beat Exiles

1442 Break from Smith-Bannister (Pangbourne) eventually leading to a try from Chaddock (Bishop W). 0-5

1448 Exiles hit back on the intercept. 5-5

1453 FLAIR alert. Hall (Kings Ely) takes the gap and throws it out the back to Aurangzeb (Tettenhall) who finishes in the corner. 10-5

1456 Joue happening - some lovely offloading leads to Hyland-Dugbo (Woodhouse Grove) scoring in the corner. 15-5

1512 Half time - 15-5 up. Enjoyable half of rugby.

1525 Sustained pressure from the Lambs and Dady (Wisbech GS) scores - 22-5.

1529 Exiles hit back with a score through the middle. 22-10

1531 Another for the Exiles. 22-17

1545 More flair - Romano (Bablake) makes the break and offloads to Langford (Uppingham) to score. 27-17

1549 We’ve got the hang of this rugby malarkey today. Chaddock (Bishop W) gets his 2nd after a break and offload from Gowler (Wisbech GS). 32-17

1554 Tom Day (Kings Gloucester) glides through from first phase to round off the day. 37-17.



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